I am a DJ and producer who was born in 1985 in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada.

I haven’t been into music all my life. I actually spent the first 12 years of my life not giving a single damn about any type of music whatsoever. My musical epiphany came out in 1997, being exposed for the first time to a kind of music you would barely hear during the day: Electronic Dance Music. It was indeed in a nightly, live transmission of a nightclub’s music on the radio waves that I could take a grasp on the genre for the first time.

Starting to listen to music in 1997 also mean I had a good grasp of then-popular Eurodance music, which is still to date my favourite genre of music. My original stuff, mixes and remixes are very reminiscent of this era of EDM history. It still touches a bit to other music genres such as House, Techno, and Trance. To date I’ve created over a hundred productions, with software such as ModPlug Tracker (the early years) and FL Studio (nowadays).

My music has been featured in various events and radio shows around the world, but my most notable mention is for appearing on a CD compilation, “Spin volume 5“,  mixed by nationally known DJ Daniel Desnoyers, with the song “The Annoying Alarm Anthem” (which was accompanied by a 12″ vynil release). I’ve also remixed officially for a few local artists such as LaBo. During my university years, I was host of a radio show entitled “The Beat Goes Bourg” (in French), focusing on Electronic Dance Music, both classic and modern.

Nowadays, Ding and producing is only secondary to me, as I’m working towards my goals as an illustrator and comic artist. However, each year since 2008, I,ve been producing something that is called “La Grande Rétrospective Musicale de l’Année 20xx” (litt. “The Great Musical Retrospect of the Year 20xx”), a ~80 minutes medley including some of the hottest radio and club songs of the current year.