Yves Bourgelas, also known as DJ Bourg, is an electronic music producer born in Rouyn-Noranda, Québec, Canada.

In addition of being an open-format disc-jockey, DJ Bourg is the originator of more than a hundred musical productions, whether they be original compositions, remixes or carefully created music medleys (also known as megamixes), with most of them having been done between the very late 90’s and early 2010’s.

Although he is skilled in working with a variety of music genres, his two main areas of work are in the Eurodance genre (i.e.: the variety of Dance music that was popular in the mid-90’s; think Culture Beat, Corona, Aqua, La Bouche, etc.) and popular music, which is the main feature of his “Yearmix” series (also called “La Grande Rétrospective Musicale de l’Année 20xx”), a yearly mash-up consisting of hundreds of songs mixed together. This website is mostly dedicated to these productions.

DJ Bourg is unfortunately not as active in the field of DJing as he was before. Half-retired from music production, his current activities revolve around illustration and comic arts. You can view his work here.

Although he may not produce as much, DJ Bourg’s productions will live on forever! Use the menu above to browse through some of his best work through the years. Enjoy!